a visit with Jennifer Egan

I photographed author, Jennifer Egan last week for Time magazine. I was able to get a proof copy of her latest book, A Visit from the Goon Squad, the day before the shoot. I only made it half way through, but in the first few chapters she mentions the bands Black Flag and the Dead Kennedy's so I knew I liked her already!!
The shoot went great, with the quickest turn-around ever.....the issue was going to press later that night. The magazine ended up going with a black and white portrait, but here are some of the other set ups from the shoot.

AND!!!!!! videos from some of my favorite Black Flag and Dead Kennedy songs


free Nelson Mandela

I wish I could be working on the computer and listening/watching the Worldcup everyday. In honor of its awesomeness and its home country, I present to you The Specials, Free Nelson Mandela, and great cover of the same song by Amy Winehouse


Rolling Nowhere

I just finished reading Ted Conover's, Rolling Nowhere, he became a hobo for a few months in order to write about it for a thesis project. Absolutely amazing book and the last chapter reminded me a little bit of the essay, Climbing the Tower, by Harry Crews.

The imagery in the book is wonderful and I kept on thinking about the photographs by Mike Brodie, equally beautiful.